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Network Design
Our Network Design service creates detailed design documentation for your network.

Our design process starts by examining what you have right now, and thus typically begins with a full Network Audit.

Next, we look at what you want your network to become, contextualized within the overall goals and strategies of your business.

Building on the framework set through your objectives, our team works with you to establish preliminary budget and set priorities to identify and evaluate suitable alternatives. We aim to ensure that the entire network is aligned with your business strategy.

Our design process regards your IT infrastructure as both tool and an insurance policy.

Where the availability of this tool is directly tied to your revenue, we ensure an adequate level of redundancy to keep your systems running. When availability is less critical, we direct our customers more towards essential level purchasing decisions.

Where data is of the utmost importance we ensure this is instantly synchronized in multiple locations. Where some risk is tolerated we can assist our customers to source a more cost effective solution.

The end result of our Network Design service is a detailed design document this is ready for provisioning and implementation.