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Managed Services
Managed Services is a subscription based IT Services offering. Our customers enroll their devices in our Managed Services program and obtain unlimited access to a comprehensive list of included services.

Small business shares most of the same IT challenges that enterprises experience, but does not enjoy the same resources needed to address them. Managed Services helps to level the playing field by providing comprehensive service for a flat-monthly fee.

Our Managed Service offerings fall into two broad categories – Server Support and Desktop Support.

Server Support covers the central components of your network, including:
  • Core Windows servers (hardware and operating system)
  • Server Backup
  • Exchange Server
  • Anti-virus Software
  • Internet Filtering
  • SPAM Filtering
  • SQL Server Support
  • Network Storage
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server
Desktop Support covers the PCs deployed on your network including:
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
Managed Services places a great deal of emphasis on preventative maintenance. Our team updates your Server components on a regular schedule - keeping these up to date is essential to ensuring your network is secure and operational. We periodically test your restore procedures to confirm that your Backup Solution is fully functional and there when you really need it.

Managed Services includes Monitoring plus follow up. When our Monitoring solution generates an Alert for one of our Managed Services clients, our team investigates the cause and develops an action plan to address it.

Customers who subscribe to Desktop Support get to enjoy unlimited remote support, with no waiting for scheduled onsite time to address an issue.