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Entire Network
Our core expertise lies in designing and implementing networks from end-to-end. Our team offers a turn-key solution and will install and configure all aspects of your Network Design.

An Entire network implementation almost always involves at least one new server installation; frequently, this is a Microsoft Small Business Server. Typically, it requires either the creation or migration of a Windows domain in Active Directory and may also involve the installation or migration of a Microsoft Exchange Server.

Configuring your Windows network requires implementing your organizations IT policies, as set out within your network design. This will restrict users’ access only to the data they require, and ensure these policies are applied each time they log in. With Group Policy, eBuild Service can provide you a great degree of control over what can, and cannot, happen on your network. Even things like the use of memory keys or other peripheral devices may be restricted. eBuild Service will guide you towards industry best practices for protecting your electronic based resources and assets.

If your network overhaul includes new workstations, these will be installed and configured along with the rest of the network. If continuing with existing workstations we migrate these to the new domain.

An Entire network overhaul is typically completed over a weekend while your offices are closed. This minimizes any disruptions to your operations; your staff will come in Monday morning to find their new network up and running.
"Jobsites take their toll on computers; between the dust, temperature changes and general abuse these take, we can’t rely on them to keep data safe. The time needed to periodically synchronizing data really adds up. With our new terminal server, eBuild has enabled our onsite users to work on a virtual desktop that enjoys all of the protection and security of computers located inside our building." Aldo Paganelli, President, Toronto Zenith