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Emergency Service
eBuild’s Emergency Service offering gives you a fallback plan. This offering is based on an annual subscription and has been designed for organizations who wish to continue with their current IT service arrangements, but recognize areas where they are vulnerable and want to have eBuild Service available to help them.

In a recent survey, eBuild Service found network downtime to be the number one IT concern.

eBuild Service will develop – and document – sufficient understanding of your network so that we are able to help you when you need us.

This understanding includes
  • System architecture
  • Access
  • Warranty and Service plan coverage
  • Redundancy and recovery plans
We often hear, “If I have a problem, I’ll just call someone then.”

This approach is fine when the problem is a burst pipe and the ‘someone’ is plumber from the Yellow pages. It is far less effective when the problem is with your computer systems. Troubleshooting an issue with IT systems requires a certain amount of knowledge about those systems. Your Emergency Services plan ensures that we have what we need to be able to assist you.

With Emergency Service, when a problem comes up, you will know who to call.

“Everyone needs to take a vacation from time to time, including our IT person – me!. When our server went down on Tuesday afternoon of my week off, we really scrambled to get things running again. Working with eBuild gives me peace of mind by ensuring that someone was available when I couldn’t be.” Alex Diomin, IT Director, The G&L Group.