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Invite eBuild Service to audit your network and you might be surprised with what you discover.

Vulnerability. Inefficiency. Underutilization.

Our Auditing Service begins with a systematic evaluation of every major component on your network. Is it the right device? Has it been configured properly? Are you maximizing its potential? Are there any single points of failure? Are key components covered by an adequate warranty or service plan? Our Auditing Service results in an Evaluation, Assessment and Recommendations document that your organization can use to improve your IT planning and strategy.

Important Reasons to Consider an Audit

1. Technology changes very quickly

The technology you have in place today was the right choice at the time, but may not be any more. Our Auditing Service catalogues everything you have on your network and places this in the context of what’s available today to identify potential improvements and the impact these could have on your business.

2. Threats to your IT Infrastructure change even more quickly

Those devices that secure your network need to respond to rapidly evolving threats. Perimeter inspection is a central component in our Auditing Service. We will help to make sure your security stays ahead of the threats.

3. Networks tend to evolve over time

Small businesses tend to make IT purchases on an as needed basis, and the various devices on their networks may have been acquired over a number years. Our Auditing Service forces organizations to take a step back and take a look at their entire network. We look for bottlenecks, vulnerable components and unrealized opportunities.

4. Your needs may have outgrown the capacity of your current service provider

The nature of IT and the role it plays in your organization has quite likely changed immensely over the last decade. For many organizations, PCs have evolved from a tool to becoming an indispensible part of your operations. Our Auditing Service can help you to determine if your current service provider has kept up.

"We handle the majority of our desktop support internally, and outsource the more technical aspects of our IT management. When took over from our previous service provide their first course of action was to perform a through audit of our systems. They presented and implemented a series of recommendations that not only made our data more secure, but also greatly simplified our internal desktop support needs."