About eBuild.ca
eBuild.ca has a long history servicing the IT needs of the construction industry. Our organization grew with two distinct segments – Software Development and IT Services. Our software development division remains vertically specialized in the construction industry.

Our IT Services Division has grown primarily through referrals – some from software sales and many from our own customers. Referrals from our customers have taken us well beyond the construction industry. We now have customers in retail, distribution, manufacturing, professional services and logistics.

The core technology is the same, regardless of industry. Installation, operation and maintenance of a Windows Server or Cisco firewall requires the same technical skill set regardless of your line of business.

Our experience servicing the construction industry serves our customers in other industries quite effectively. Working in construction, we are accustomed to delivering maximum value on a constrained budget. We regularly install and maintain PCs in harshest of environments. We know that IT is not your core expertise and recognize this in our interactions with you.

Our team is certified with Cisco Systems, Microsoft, IBM and partnered with a number of other technology vendors.

We have the expertise and we will be there when you need us.